DiveCaching is all about adventure and fun!

It is essentially an underwater “treasure” hunt that combines your certified scuba diving skills or snorkeling skills with some high tech equipment and simple underwater search techniques, while looking for a hidden “cache” of goodies.  Tell me more!!

There are 10 simple steps to embarking on your very own DiveCaching adventure!

  1. First of all, make sure all your diving equipment is in good, safe, working order and that your diving skills are current.
  2. Visit geocaching.com and create a free account.
  3. In the “Search for Nearby GeoCaches” box, enter the location in which you wish to find a DiveCache.
  4. You may find it helpful to switch the results list over to the “Map These Results” option so you can look for Caches located near or in bodies of water. Premiere accounts can also add filters to the search. Searching with keywords like water, dive, scuba, divecache, may be helpful.
  5. Choose any DiveCache by clicking on its name and prior to setting out on your DiveCaching adventure, read the entire description to ensure you will be pursuing a DiveCache (located underwater) and not a Cache hidden on land.
  6. Enter the coordinates of the DiveCache into your GPS device. Make note of whether the DiveCache is a “wet” or “dry” cache.
  7. While above the water (perhaps by way of a boat) use your GPS to locate where the DiveCache is located in the water below you.
  8. Suited-up in your diving gear, jump in and navigate the rest of your way to the DiveCache using your underwater compass – or impeccable sense of direction!
  9. Locate the DiveCache and if it is a “wet” DiveCache, sign the log book while submerged and return it to its resting place. If it is a “dry” DiveCache, bring it up to the surface, since the log book and then return it where you found it. Be sure to take photos of you and your find!
  10. Once you have finished your dive and have an internet connection, log onto geocaching.com to log your discovery and post photos online. Visit www.facebook.com/DiveCaching to upload photos for the DiveCaching community to see and share you experience or post them on Instagram and Twitter with hashtag #DiveCaching!

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